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Finance by Exportunity

Traders, SMEs, take advantage of our exceptional pre-financing offer for your Exportunity Executive package. What is Exportunity Finance? Exportunity Finance is a commitment by Exportunity to lend 500$ to 10.000 African SMEs, in order to boost e-commerce on the continent and create jobs. Exportunity offers the most dynamic SMEs on its platform a 10% interest loans of 500$ each for purchasing an Executive Online shop for a year and 400$ of Advertisement on the platform. How to pay Exportun


Daily Deals By Sellers

Offers,Sales and Discounts

Proof of funds before order confirmation

Step 1: Placing of Order A Purchasing Counter places an order on the Trade Platform from his Purchasing Counter account, and transfers the automatically-generated-pro-forma-bill sent to his email, to his Banker. Step 2: Order Verification The Purchasing Counter’s Banker communicates with the Tr

Securing of Funds at Partner Banks

Step 3: Escrowing and Trade Platform’s Service Fees Payment. (At this stage there is no more cancellation of order allowed) The Trade Platform’s Banker transfers the order funds to an escrow account held for Exportunity GBC2, and transfers the Trade Platform’s Service fees to a Exportunity GBC2’s C

Verification of Supplier's documents

Step 4: Processing of Order The Trade platform issues a Purchase Order to its supplier in conformity with the original order from the Purchasing Counter. Step 5: Delivery of Order The supplier sends a copy of the Order Bill of Lading to Trade Platform.

Shipment of Goods and Documents

Step 6: Deal confirmation The Trade platform transfers the copy of bill of lading to its Banker, for forwarding to the Purchasing Counter’s banker for confirmation of conformity. Step 7: Delivery of goods The Supplier’s banker ships the original bill of lading to the Trade Platform’s Banker. The Trade Platform’s Banker then ships the Original Bill of Lading to the Purchasing Counter’s Banker.

Deal Completion and Success Fees

- The Trade Platform’s Banker transfers order payment from the escrow account to the supplier’s Current Account. - The Trade Plaftorm’s Banker transfers Exportunity’s commission (Percentage to be defined on a deal value-range basis) from the escrow account to the Trade Platform’s Current Account.

Global Trade

Our selection of the world’s most reliable and trustworthy trading companies

Global Trade

Our selection of the world’s most reliable and trustworthy trading companies

The Exportunity Trade Transparency Program, is a commitment from Exportunity GBC2 to build a database of 100 000 of the world’s most reliable trading companies, and give them an exclusive access to the global market through its trade platform. The Initiative is aims at reducing the risks of international trade scams, and unifying companies in a single window to trade safely. The selection process will be made in partnership with renown chambers of commerce, trade associations and banks globally.

International Secure Trade

Optimal trade payment, Strong Banking partners
Easy Letters of credit, and trade instruments
Any amount, to any destination, Globally.

Logistics Partners

The fastest and the most reliable
Competitive rates
Guaranteed delivery A great selection of various logistics solutions


An Exportunity VISA Card
Receive and Send instant payments
Access to all VISA ATMs globally
No bank account needed

Finance by Exportunity

A commitment by Exportunity to lend 500$ to 10.000 African SMEs, to boost e-commerce and create jobs in Africa.

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