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Logistics for Exportunity is the branch responsible for logistics strategy and operations. Its role is to optimize transport solutions, organize and manage the logistics of our customers, from the production site to the borders.

Logistics for Exportunity is the branch that allows you to have the best logistics and transport services on the market and to ensure that your clients' goods are shipped on time in compliance with the regulations.

Very often, local producers and exporters encounter enormous difficulties in finding logistics service providers who can manage end-to-end transactions related to the pre-delivery of their goods, but also encounter enormous difficulties when the various accompanying documents The certificates. This is explained by the isolated skills of the various players operating in the supply chain, and hence the lack of full and multi-skilled logistics services that can ensure a smooth flow of operations.

And it is at this level that Logistics forExportunity intervenes.

We have a large and reliable network of experienced service providers in the various logistics and transport businesses available 24/7 to accelerate your business.

The expertise of our experts is the result of a decade of varied experience and recognized by the World Bank, notably the project on Improving Business Climate in Agriculture and the World Logistics Performance Index .

So do not hesitate to get closer to Logistics for Exportunity with the team of experts you need to successfully expand your business internationally. And above all, register now on Exportunity.net, which currently offers advantages in terms of positioning on the platform. 




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